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Camping Pitsoni

Camping Pitsoni located at the southern tip of the Sithonia (second leg) 150 km from Thessaloniki , it is located in the most beautiful place of Chalkidiki.

The beach is just 20 meters away. from the campsite is perfect for young children , since much of it has shallow water.

The marine area also offers fishing, diving, surfing and various other water sports.

Opposite to a 19-mile distinct figure, a sacred place emerges as the one-day excursions, Mount Athos .

The modern facilities after the last renovation, the right layout of the space and the green environment will make your stay unforgettable .

Παραλία Συκίας

Οι σύγχρονες εγκαταστάσεις μετά την τελευταία ανακαίνιση, η σωστή διαρρύθμιση του χώρου και το καταπράσινο περιβάλλον, θα κάνουν τις διακοπές σας αξέχαστες!


We love pets, we are respecting and welcome pets without any extra cost!!!!!!
We are asking from pets owners to respect σέβονται the camping, the campers and ofcourse ...the rest of the pets!!

We know altthe importance of price to your choice, so we are that to always have the best prices for our services!

In camping Pitsoni we know the huge importance of cleanliness for you, so we make sure to have the camping and toilets always clean!
There are freestanding toilets (Turkish) and normal, we do everything to each visitor uses, and feels that it is not camping, but home!

You no longer need to worry about your camping refrigerator and ice ...
Available shared refrigerators and freezers at no extra charge, able to accommodate your food and drinks, throughout your stay in camping Pitsoni.

We have power in all positions with intensity 10A which is able to support any kind of electrical appliance (stoves, washing machines, refrigerators).

The camping Pitsoni consists of a total of only 30 seats. So we can have personal contact with every visitor willing to solve any problem that may occur during their stay.

Please keep quiet during hours of rest

The visitors are kindly requested to leave their ID at the reception desk when visiting. There is a charge after 2 hours stay.


24/7 Medical care, for cases of cardiological and pathological emergencies.

Παραλία Συκίας

Μπορεί να μην διαθέτουμε το μεγαλύτερο camping, αλλά θέλουμε να πιστεύουμε ότι διαθέτουμε το καθαρότερο και πιο φιλικό camping στη Χαλκιδική!

Aπέναντι, στα 19 μίλια μια φιγούρα ξεχωριστή, ένας τόπος ιερός ξεπροβάλει ο οποίος προσφέρεται για μονοήμερες εκδρομές, το Άγιο Όρος.

Camping Pitsoni

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